Brightest minds which works on innovative ideas in environment, which ensure stability, quality project management focused not just on the goals, but also on path which leads to them. It's our way.

Knowledge sharing

In MindForge, we invest big amount of energy in effective, on-time and addressed sharing of information internally, as well as from and with the external environment.

Combinations and variations

Combinations are the key to our success. We combine everything – our minds, our teams, our projects, our systems, our experiences and much more.

Projects from different sectors

AI research & development, big data analysis & machine learning, cyber security, on-line marketing or application for farmers and agriculture. Great variety of projects is unique and increases creativity in all aspects of our work.

Teamwork and teamwork

Each and every product brought to the market within our projects is a result of cooperation. A cooperation, which is incredibly intense, enriching, effective and enjoyable.

Marketing & social media

We employ creative and dedicated marketers, who help to bring our products to our customers in a fast and efficient way.