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CleverAnalytics has scored 76 out of 100 according to Early Metrics criteria, which means that Clever Analytics ranks among the top 20% of 1350+ startups as rated by the rating agency. The rating analysis identifies some really impressive features

CleverAnalytics´ Early Metrics ratings

According to the rating analysis, there is a strong complementarity among the company’s trio of partners and a clear split of tasks among its management structure. The CleverAnalytics location intelligence platform is lauded for its technical maturity and for offering a developed, stable and scalable solution. Early Metrics also highlights the company’s excellent time-to-market potential due to the fast-growing location analytics market.

How the startup rating works

The rating is the result of the aggregation of more than 50 extra-financial criteria that primarily focus on the following criteria: the executive team, project innovation, attractive power and market potential. This rating certificate lends CleverAnalytics credibility among investors and third parties and signals that the company has reached a new level of maturity. This external audit is completely objective and has no affiliations or interests with fundraising or business partnerships.

About Early Metrics

Early Metrics is like Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s for rating startups. Instead of rating a company’s credit risk, Early Metrics is concerned with a company’s growth potential. Early Metrics rating charts are valuable for investors but also large corporations looking to partner with innovative startups or companies exploring acqui-hiring (acquiring a company as a means of recruiting talented employees as opposed to acquiring products).

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